How to Install Laravel

Laravel is a framework for core php. Through the laravel framework there is coding so simple, easy and convenient due to the all important and lots of functions are predefined in  laravel library.

It follows the Model, View Controller Architecture

Steps of installing

  1. You have to install composer for installin composer you have to go Laravel official website https://laravel.com/ then
  2. go to documentation menu there you will see a link for composer under # Laravle Installing Section or direct go to this link https://getcomposer.org/
  3. there you look like this you have to click on Download button
  4. After that you see a link for Composer-Setup.exe link and your composer setup file will be downloaded than you install and complete the setup as you any other software install.
  5. After the installing composer now come to the steps for installing Laravel but before that we have to check that compose are installed or no correctly. For checking go to command prompt and type

cd.. and enter while the are not in


then go to your wamp or xamp server root directory

and type :

c:\cd wamp64

c:\wamp64> cd www





This message indicate that composer has been successfully installed.

6. Finall step for installing Laravel

you have to just type this command in same working directory


c:\wamp64\www>composer crate-project laravel/laravel laravel “5.1.*”

after entering above command you to just wait until its installing process finish.

Final installed its look like

It  is taken 5 to 25 minutes its depending on your internet speed.







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